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Nakatani Qilong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 (the establishment of the group headquarters registered in 2013), after years of hard work, the existing operating companies by simply engaged in commissariat purchase and sale, to become oil, real estate, hotel, energy, financial mutual combination and mutual support of integrated and diversified private enterprise group. At present, the company's total assets amounted to about 40000000000 yuan, with annual sales of $about 30000000000, the group is headquartered in Beijing, Dongcheng District.
The valley agriculture to the purchase and sale of grain and oil, storage, processing, logistics as the main business direction of development so far, has maintained a stable market share, and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.
The new energy project is located in Jiangsu Nantong energy valley, with biodiesel and glycerol as the main design of the annual output of 270 thousand tons. In addition, the group is also actively exploring other businesses in the energy sector.
China now has real estate real estate development, property management, development and operation of comprehensive strength, business coverage in the Beijing Shanghai and other first-tier cities, has successfully developed the Beijing government of Changping District street, "Wei Yun house" project.
The valley hotel now has a number of star hotels: Jingu Qilong Hotel Beijing Dongcheng District Beijing Railway Station East (Samsung), Hainan Sanya Club Med (five-star) Taicang City, Jiangsu Jinjiang Kokusai Hotel (five-star) and five-star hotels, has formed a set of holiday tourism and leisure entertainment, high-end business in an integrated leisure industry system.
China Finance Based on their own development needs, focusing on corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions business, banking, trust, information management, funds, futures, factoring, leasing, securities investment business. Has participated in financial leasing companies and a number of village banks, and actively seek new opportunities to participate in financial institutions to achieve the organic integration of industrial capital and financial capital.
In recent years, the group boldly develop domestic and international markets, vigorously implement the talent, leading technology, the principle of coordinated development, the formation of a "Pro vice principal, vice principal and good momentum of development". In promoting the optimization of industrial development at the same time, more make the integration interpretation mastery of the wealth and wisdom of the group.
The widespread construction of people to build a barn, "food bank", see all people in the world are full of. The company will continue to adhere to the "integrity first, pragmatic innovation, dedication to the community," the corporate values, in order to build a world-class enterprise as the goal, to make greater contributions to the national economic construction.