development history

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Stage 1: 2005 - 2008
In 2005, the group in Hebei city of Handan province Cheng'an county established the first company, with the first barn, the first step of the hard pioneer. This stage is mainly engaged in grain purchasing and marketing, warehousing, processing operations.
The second stage: 2009 - 2014
In 2009, the group into the capital of Beijing, expanding the scope of business to real estate development, hotel management, financial investment, began to form the main grain and oil trade, real estate, hotel and its development pattern of financial business.
The third stage: 2015 - present
Since 2015, mergers and acquisitions of domestic energy intensive group, ports, hotels and other projects, expanding business areas, currently has developed into a set of grain, energy, real estate, hotels, financial integrated, diversified enterprise group.