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The group of more than and 10 years of development has been optimized in the grain circulation industry, the main focuses of corn and wheat, for many years the staple food purchase and sale of storage as the main line of development, accumulated rich experience of the whole industry chain, and gradually build four business direction to purchase and sale, storage, processing, logistics, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry to maintain a stable market share.

Grain and oil purchase and sale

The predecessor of the group to develop food, start buying and selling, has accumulated a large number of upstream and downstream channel resources, established a good reputation in the industry. Up to now, with my group to maintain close relations of cooperation with more than a hundred companies, covering almost all domestic oil and steel business in the majority of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and listed companies.


The group's grain storage company and give full play to regional advantages, in the northeast, North China, East China building covers an area of more than 5500 acres of grain storage base, and is relying on the material basis and carry out the purchase and sale of business logistics group. The group of modern grain storage facilities are as follows: 800 thousand tons of Liaoning storage base, Hebei 480 thousand tons of storage base, Jiangsu 150 thousand tons of storage base, the next 2 years plan in Jiangsu Taicang to build 3 million tons of grain storage facilities, then the group's overall storage capacity will be significantly improved.


In order to enhance the added value of products, the group has invested in Hebei, the construction of 1200 flour processing enterprises, the annual production capacity of 180 thousand tons and a total of 360 thousand tons, respectively, the capacity of wheat processing capacity of 500 tons and tons. In addition, the group in Jiangsu, Nantong has a production line of edible oils and fats, can be processed 720 thousand tons of rapeseed (or soybean of 800 thousand tons).


For the main business of industry characteristics and market situation at home and abroad, the group opened up with the support of the logistics business, around the "North South transport, Jianghai transport layout, in the northeast, East China, Southern China investment and construction logistics base.