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The valley land property (Beijing) Co. Ltd is a group of city real estate development business platform company, with the real estate development business qualification four. Scope: real estate development, sales, rental housing.

The general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. Under the human resources department, finance department, design department, the Ministry of development, engineering operation Department, control department, sales department, planning department, property department and other departments. Currently has more than 50 employees, including 6 senior engineers, 18 mid-level engineers, college professional staff of more than 30 people, the company advocates "capable, the levels were so people-oriented, Yongzhe" employment concept, allowing employees to fully display their talents, enhance their. Under the leadership of the general manager, work together, mutual coordination, initially formed a unity and progress, the courage to open up the enterprise team.

The Beijing Valley underground Guolun real estate development company in Beijing, Changping District City, the heart of the development of the complex project, its business covers commercial, office, residential. Project is located in the city of Changping gold out of print. Covers an area of 13444 square meters, with a total construction area of 83708 square meters, a total of 565, the size of 40-120 square meters range, can fully meet the different needs of customers. Currently the project has been sold out, the price is significantly higher than the surrounding real estate. Companies adhere to the concept of scientific management, innovative business and win-win business model. Has a professional management team, adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, casting the future," the service concept, innovative business methods, carefully to provide customers with a full range of high-quality services.

In order to meet the needs of the development of market economy, the company actively explore new ideas for the development of real estate, broaden the scope of business. In Beijing, Tongzhou District acquired about 235 acres of state-owned construction land. The surrounding land has six ring road, Beijing Shenyang Expressway, Beijing Tong Road three city roads, and can achieve rapid contact with Beijing CBD, the capital airport, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang and other places; at the same time, the project can block and Tongzhou metro core area, Bohai high-end headquarters base, international organizations gathering areas to achieve an important node convenient communication.

Tongzhou project covers a total area of 156474.49 square meters of land, state-owned construction land to make the right to land for 50 years, the nature of land for storage. On the basis of the detailed planning of the 1102 block of Tongzhou new town (deepening scheme), the land use nature of the land has been adjusted to be the land for scientific research and design. According to the group's overall development strategy, the company is in accordance with the relevant policies, the nature of the land for the adjustment of multi-functional land and regulatory planning program approval procedures.

The project will develop and build a large hotel, Grade A office buildings, shopping malls, entertainment facilities, apartments and villas, such as one of the large urban complex. Project is expected to total investment of about 2000000000 yuan, the scale of construction (including underground) will reach 350 thousand square meters, in the next 3 years to complete the development and construction.

With the national macro-control policies, facing the increasingly fierce market competition, the company will continue to grow, to continue the development of the real estate brand management system, the implementation of the internal management of the pragmatic and efficient enterprise, establishing sustainable management capacity, to the development momentum of vigorous strides towards the direction of internationalization.